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Finding the Perfect Air Conditioner

When the weather becomes stiflingly hot, finding a cool spot in the house can be mission impossible. Going outdoors does not always help, and can sometimes even be worse. If you’ve run out of ice lollies and have every portable fan on the go but still you aren’t comfortable, a high quality air conditioner offers the perfect solution. Fortunately, there are a range of air conditioners to choose from.

When choosing the right air conditioner for you there are certain factors that should be considered: although you might think that they are all similar, this is not necessarily the case. Read on to hear our advice on buying an air conditioner.

Size Matters

Before you buy an air conditioner, you need to think about where it will go in your house. If you get this wrong, you will end up either with a unit that is too small to cool the area it needs to, or a unit that is too big and leaves you cold. If you still have an old unit in your house, why not consider selling it? Click here to find out more.


Remember that air conditioner you had in your hotel room that kept you awake? Learn from that experience and look for an air conditioner that is relatively quiet. Once more, the conditioning unit’s placement is important here so don’t buy a noisy one and place it near to where you are sleeping or relaxing. If you do purchase a quiet unit, don’t forget to turn it off after use!


When choosing the location of the unit (and installing it), make sure that you have easy access to the filter. Air conditioning units need to be cleaned around once a month, so make this job less tiresome by ensuring you have easy access to the filter.

Check the warranty

Air conditioning units have different warranty dates; check the one on the model you are considering purchasing before doing so. You don’t want to buy one that breaks down after a month, leaving you with the same problem you had prior to buying!

If in doubt, hire a contractor

Installing an air conditioner is not necessarily an easy job. The last thing you want to do after forking out for a unit is to mess up the installation and invalidate the warranty. If you have any doubts, hire a reputable contractor to do the job for you.

Reputation is important

When choosing your air conditioner, look at the model’s brand. Is it one that you have heard of? Has it been recommended by a reliable source? Are you able to read some of the reviews online prior to buying? Not all air conditioners are the same, and you want to ensure you purchase one that is proven to be trustworthy. An additional tip: If you are looking to save money and need to transport your old and new air conditioning units cost effectively, you may wish to consider an ordinary man and van services instead of paying a premium rate for commercial home deliveries.

Reputation is important

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